The following resources were used for the film's intertitles statistical data:

“Midwife means with-woman in Old English.”

“Midwives deliver 8% of all births in the U.S.”

“The national average for the cesarean section rate in the United States is 33%.”

“The World Health Organization recommends a c-section rate of 15% or below.”

“Many women have  c-sections for breech position babies because their obstetricians are not trained to perform  vaginal breech deliveries.”

Ina May Gaskin’s book:

“Women who receive care in collaborative practices with midwives and obstetricians have an average c-section rate of 19%”

“Women who receive care in an all-physician practice have a c-section rate as high as 37%”

“Midwifery care lowers healthcare costs in part by the appropriate use of expensive technology and reducing cesarean rates.”

“Certified Nurse Midwives provide care across the country primarily in hospitals as well as in homes and at birth centers.”

“Certified Professional Midwives provide care in 27 states primarily out of the hospital and are working towards further legal recognition.”