Our Participants

The Mama Sherpas features the incredible birth journeys of these women:

Mariah: Pregnant with Third Child

Midwifery patient Mariah is attempting her second vaginal birth after cesarean for her third child. Using the same midwife as Producer/Director Brigid Maher, will Mariah have the same superior outcome Maher experienced?

Kayt: Mother of Harper

Kayt, who is pregnant with her first child, is a patient at Physicians and Midwives. She endeavors to have a safe birth with limited interventions. At full-term and unmedicated, she delivers daughter Harper while her husband and family cheer.

Alina: Mother of Two

Alina gives birth to the 1000th baby at Midwifery Services Group at The GW Medical Faculty Associates at George Washington Hospital. The Midwifery Services Group expanded from 3 to 8 midwives and to serve over 1,000 women in just three short years.

Ashley: Pregnant with First Child

Ashley, her husband, and their doctor must determine the safest birthing option for this breech birth mama. Will she be able to have a vaginal delivery?

Brigid: Producer/
Director and Mother of Two

Brigid was inspired to tell the story of midwifery care in U.S. hospitals after she experienced agrueling road to recovery post-cesarean delivery. Four years later, pregnant with her daughter, she sought out a hospital midwife who helped her delivery vaginally.

Jackie: Pregnant with First Child

After almost 10 years together, Jackie and her husband, who are both hearing impaired, finally conceive a child. During her labor, the baby’s heart rate descends and she must rely on her interpreter and midwife to safely deliver her baby.

Dahabo: Mother of The Lucky One

Dahabo, a Somali immigrant, recently transitioned from a refugee camp in Ethiopia to  Massachusetts. Now pregnant with her fourth child, she receives the harsh news that she has placenta previa, a condition that will require a c-section.

Emily: Mother of Henry

Emily is a patient at Physician and Midwife. She studied hypnobirthing with a midwife and had an unmedicated birth with her first son, Henry, and plans to use hypnobirthing again to manage her pain during her labor with her second child.